Chairman of the Board Mine TOZLU

Marka Yatırım Holding, Chairman of the Board Mine Tozlu’s international brand group represents 56 companies under firsts in Turkey has developed a pioneering approach in the Department Store Concept.

In addition, it continues to invest in the fields of finance, media, real estate, services and technology and continues to implement new projects. Marka Yatırım Holding, aim to provide added value to the economy of Turkey is a company rooted Ansa Holding”‘s turnover in 2016 by acquiring taking Marka Yatırım Holding has taken its name.

Marka Yatırım Holding which continues its investments in retail, finance, real estate, service and technology areas with determination, has started to be traded in the Borsa İstanbul Main Market on Friday, July 14, 2017, taking its targets one step further. In this process it has gone through difficult periods of Turkey and the world economy Marka Yatırım Holding in which, “Close Monitoring Markets” from the “Main Market” a passage, investors and “Close Monitoring Market” example in terms of other companies in the realized as a step.

Marka Yatırım Holding, which adopts the vision of continuous development in all fields with its more than 100 employees in different sectors, walks confidently into the future with the principle of creating value and sharing these values together. It is involved in media with “En Değer”, real estate and finance with “En Garanti” brand distributorship and retail with “Istanbul Bujiteri” and “Dünya Markaları”. ‘100 percent customer focus and efficiency’ with a management approach the center of the area that manages all business processes Marka Yatırım Holding, as well as for Turkey’s economy as a publicly traded company is also working to also stakeholders.

In Turkey with reputable brands within the body representing the major platforms Marka Yatırım Holding, acting need to increase their investment, both domestic as well as overseas, all areas in which it operates, continues to work with the continuous development vision.